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This is the support website for the game Dot In A Maze, available on the iOS AppStore.

If you need help or have any questions about the game, you can write me an eMail. Please read the FAQ below before writing your message.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the goal of the game?
A: The game is all about finding your way through different mazes as fast as possible. You start at a blue circle and have to find your way to the red cross.

Q: Can I play Dot In A Maze on the iPad?
A: Yes. Although the game was designed for the iPhone it should work great on your iPad.

Q: How are the points calculated?
A: You get a certain amount of points for each level depending on how fast you found your way to the finish. If you take the shortest way without making one wrong step or stopping once, you should get around 1000 points for your time. On top of that you get points for up to 3 achievements.

Q: How do I get achievements?
A: Achievements can be earned by many different things but there will be no guide by me on how to get each one of them. Just play a while and you will figure it out.

Q: Where can I get the music?
A: The music is not available yet but will be at some point in the future. Please be patient.

Q: How do I finish this level?
A: There is always at least one way to finish the level! But if you have used a lot of the items and keep respawning, I recommend to restart the level.

Q: What does this item do?
A: If you pick up an item for the first time, a window with a hint should appear. Once you unlocked the tutorial it will be accessible on the options screen.

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